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Ideas for dark basement with small windows and no natural light

Why do some basements do not feel like basement while your basement feels like dark damp basement where you do not want to spend your time?

There are few things that make finished basements feel like basement such as small windows, bulkheads, too much same repetitive potlights to cover the lack of natural lighting because of small windows they have, and so.

These lights are called "ambient lighting".

Unlike those lame potlights that everyone has i their basement, they are not blinding your family members' eyes as they are indirect lighting. Also, they create beautifup atmosphere with natural like lighting, that makes basement with limited natural light because of the small or no windows full of light that is very close to the natural light, making your basement do not feel like basement. You can also use these to hide those ugly bulkheads in your basement and make them look beautiful.

Finishing your basement can be very different with small ideas like this.

We specialize in basement finishing in Niagara region. Let us guide you to great ideas of making basement that do not feel like basement.

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